Virtual CFO 

Many a times, you may need an experienced finance professional to lead and manage fund raising, budgeting, financial reporting, negotiating contracts, implementing systems, designing controls and ensuring statutory compliance.
If it's a large business, your requirement could be for a specific task where you engage the finance professional for certain challenging assignments that could either be strategic or tactical in nature. Some examples are IPO assistance, due diligence & post-acquisition integration, ERP implementation and cost control. Many priority items actually take back-seat because leadership team finds it difficult to allocate adequate time to all important issues.
In case you are running a start-up, your challenges could be very different and you may like to appoint the consultant almost as a 'CFO on lease' till your business reaches a certain scale.
We work as your team members while interacting with your clients, vendors, bankers or any other third party. We can be on-site and available 24X7.
This flexible engagement model helps you to utilise us to grow your business, reduce cost in a sustainable manner and secure your information systems.
Depending on the level of complexity, the engagement can be structured for 8 man-hours a week to 40 man-hours a week for Delhi - NCR based organisations.
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