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Start-up Services

Start-ups face different challenges. It could be a ‘Market problem’ where there is no compelling value proposition to cause the buyer to actually commit to purchasing  or one could be ahead of market by a few years. They may fail to develop a product, in a classical ‘Product problem’, that the market was looking for, perhaps, because the team never validated their ideas with customers before and during development stages.
Many Start-ups also fail because of 'Finance problem'. To manage that risk, it's always better to have an experienced finance professional on board who can help the team to crack following challenges.
  • Assess the business model by setting proper rules (Example: 1. CAC < LTV, CAC = Cost of acquiring a customer, LTV = Lifetime value of a customer, 2. Recover CAC in less than 1 year)      ​
  • Build cash life cycle to either be cash flow positive or reach a milestone that can lead to successful financing
  • Construct right organisation structure to reward the management team and make it tax efficient simultaneously
  • Develop robust accounting and management information system to track performance real time and plan
  • Effectively comply with all statutory requirements to ensure high level of corporate governance
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